Terry Dame

~Composer~Sound Artist~Instrument Inventor~Multi-Instrumentalist~Educator~

Terry Dame's Weird Wednesdays (on Thursdays)

Terry Dame's Weird Wednesdays is an ongoing music performance series curated and hosted by Terry Dame. Now in it's third year with 29 episodes under our belt the series is dedicated to presenting instrument inventors and players of objects and other musical oddities. Held on the last Thursday of each month (because what is weirder than Wednesday on Thursday) at Barbes Brooklyn the series has presented some of the finest musical innovators from the NYC area and beyond including Ken Butler,  Kenny Wollensen,  Margaret Lang Tan, Amy X Neuberg, Ben Neill, Phyllis Chen, Sxip Shirey, DJ Shakey, Radio Wonderland, Jess Rowland, Merche Blasco, Ed Potokar, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Hans Tammen, Eric Farber,  Daniel Jodacy, Ben Simon, David Simons, Nick Demopolis and many more.

To receive updates about upcoming shows and see pictures and video of past performances visit our Facebook page at Facebook.com/TerryDameWeirdWednesdays and like us, click the button below.  You may also sign the mailing list on this site via the Contact page to receive notices for future shows.  Hope to see you soon, I promise it will be...
odd and fantastic!

Next and last show of the season May 26th, 7:30pm @Barbes in Brooklyn
Featuring Dafna Naphtali and Margaret Schedel.