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Creative Tech Week - April 29-May 8 - NYC

 I curated the May 5th concert "Repurposed Technology - A Night of Invented Instruments and Hybrid Performance" at Creative Tech Week 2016. The night was produced by the good people at Hyphen Hub. What an amazing night of creative performances by Merche Blasco, Nadav Assor, Ben Neill and myself.  Stay tuned I'll be posting photos and video from the evening.

The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere premieres May 20 @ 10pm EST on ESPN2

I am excited to announce that I wrote the score for this little gem of a documentary and it is airing tonight, May 20th on ESPN2 at 10pm.  It's a great story of the world's most losing race horse that wouldn't quit and inspired a nation. You can also watch it online at the link below. Enjoy, and never give up!


Terry Dame's Weird Wednesdays Episode 29 Weird Spring - April 28th 7:30pm Barbes

This months edition is coming right up on April 28th...it's the Weird Spring episode and I've got a great line up for you. Guests artists Jess Rowland and David Simons will bring on the weirdness at Barbes. As usual, I'll do a little weird sonic ditty too. Hope to see you there. Just two episodes left until we take a break for summer. Come on out and show the peoples some love. Details below. Happy weird spring.

Jess Rowland
Presents recent sound work for electronic snacks and interactive soda. During the course of the show, a full bag of Fritos will be consumed along with at least some Coke or Sprite. This new set of performance works fullfils part of my contractual obligation to the project's corporate sponsors at Frito-Lay. It's fun in every bite. http://www.jessrowland.com/

David Simons will perform 3 pieces
First, a world premiere! 
“It’s not about the money” features a lap steel guitar with metal objects balanced on the strings struck, plucked and scraped which activate songs about money and projections of artwork about money processed live by interactive webcam. This includes wealth acquisition through sleep programming and promotional branding of sound for money. But the artist doesn’t expect this piece about money to make any money.
“Gamelan in Motion” is Simons’ compositional use of motion tracking to play gamelan “in the air”. Space is projected as a grid with each area a note of the scale. Speed of movement triggers different instruments and octaves, individual notes of “real” sampled gamelan.
In “Occupational Therapy” Simons uses the Theremin, one of the oldest electronic instruments, as a hypersensitive motion detector to trigger sounds from a wonderfully bizarre set of cultural references, as a high speed collage of impossibilities.

Terry Dame's Weird Wednesday Episode 24 - Weird Duos October 29th

Episode 24 of Weird Wednesday is this Thursday, Oct 29th, 7:30pm @ Barbes. October is weird duos month yes it is, so we present not one but two weird duos. Dalius Naujokaitis-Naujo and Daniel Jodocyare Siabus. They play folkloric New York City music on invented instruments. Terry Dame and Lee Free are Horn of Plenty. They play grooves from Mars on invented instruments and drums. This will rock. Spread the word and be there or be normal.

376 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
(347) 422-0248