Instruments used by Electric Junkyard Gamelan


Original Rubarp

An electric stringed instrument that uses rubber bands for strings and coat hangers for a frame.  Most commonly played by striking bands with thin wooden skewers however it can also be plucked.


Big Barp

Bass voice of the Barp family.   This electric string instrument  uses large rubber bands for strings with a frame made from a folding table base.  Played by striking bands with round chop sticks and can also be plucked.



An electric zither like  instrument using piano wire for strings.  Played by either striking the strings with thin skewers or plucking with fingers or picks.  High bridges allow for bending notes like  the Indian sitar.  The name is thus derived from a combination of a Sitar and a Sundanese (western Java) zither instrument called the Kacapi (pronounced kachapi).  The frame made from disgarded futon frame wood.



An electric string instrument using five bass guitar strings strung over high bridges to allow note bending.  Frame a 2x4 with stove bolt tuners.  Played with soft rubber mallets.


The Pot Rack

A collection of various sized cast iron fry pans, sauce pans and other metal sound producing  objects such as the 10gallon drum, a garbage can kick drum, and vaious sized hub caps.  Played with mallets, sticks, hands and feet.


The Boing Pots

A family of various sized sauce pans an soup pots that make a boing sound when struck with soft mallets.  Includes Large Boing, Boing , Mini Boing, and SuperMiniBoing  pots.


The Gong Rack

A collection of metal basins, truck springs, pans, and various ringy metal objects played with mallets.


The Piperack

A two octave set of tuned metal conduit pipes  suspended vertically and  played with hard mallets.


The Terraphones

A family end blown wind instruments made of copper pipe and using  alto saxophone mouthpiece.


The Clayrimba

A three octave set of tuned clay pots.  Played with mallets like  marimba.


All instruments designed and built by Terry Dame